Prenatal and Childhood Exposure to Fluoride and Neurodevelopment

Investigadores: Martha Maria Tellez Rojo Solis, Alejandra de Jesús Cantoral Preciado, Gabriela Elizabeth Rueda Hernández, Adriana Del Socorro Mercado Garcia, Maritsa Solano Gonzalez, Howard Hu, Karen Peterson, Lourdes Schnaas Arrieta.

There has been an increase in the prevalence of fluoride associated health outcomes fluor en niñosincluding: dental and skeletal fluorosis and disrupted cognitive function. There are concerns regarding fluoride exposure due to the increasing prevalence of fluoride associated health outcomes, including dental and skeletal fluorosis and disrupted cognitive function. This issue has increased interest in estimating fluoride exposure in people residing in fluoridated communities, especially among children who may be more susceptible to developing such subsequent health problems.

Fluoride can readily cross the placenta and developing tissues are more sensitive to fluoride exposure than mature ones. In order to determine the major sources of fluoride exposure that may be associated with these growing health effects, identifying and developing a reliable biomarker that could reflect the actual fluoride exposure and fluoride metabolism in humans is necessary. However, there are few studies with large sample sizes or that have developed fluoride biomarkers and many studies have limited accuracy and reliability. In our study, we will take advantage of a larger sample size (n=400 estimated) and an array of biomarkers, including plasma, urine, and toenails, to measure individual fluoride intake. We will also capitalize on the recently developed gold standard techniques for fluoride analysis. This study will help identify the pattern of both dietary intake of fluoride and dental use of fluoridated products to develop better strategies for preventing fluoride toxicity. The specific aim of the proposed research is to compare concentrations of the bio-burden of fluoride from children aged from 7 to 17 years old in Mexico City with levels of fluoride in environmental samples, dietary intake and dental use information.


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Centro de Investigación en Evaluación y Encuestas del Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública de México.
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